Out with 2017 in with 2018

W ith 2017 coming to a close here in a matter of hours, I simply wanted to say “Thank You” to all of you.  Mere words cannot ever express the gratitude I feel toward each and every person who is now a fan of Uncertain Destinies.  You have... read more

Everything Changes

The book that truly turned Uncertain Destinies into a force to be reckoned with. When Path of Vengeance begins there is a completely different feel to it than the two books that came before it.  The foundation had now been laid, the walls were up and by the time... read more

Building Momentum

We continue our look at each book release with book two, Desperate Measures. By now in the series the beginning stages of the journey has been set.  The store that started the madness is long in their pasts.  And, shocking moments that turned lives upside... read more

Where it all begins

Welcome to Uncertain Destinies, and to Stillwater, Minnesota. I thought we would start taking a look at each book.  With things heating up across social media, now seemed like the perfect opportunity.  That, and well, the holidays are right around the... read more

Every Great Series

Irealized it has been awhile since I last made a post here.  Today, as I spent the day creating and marketing, I came up with this new teaser for the series.   Uncertain Destinies has certainly taken off since I created this website, and found the other... read more


The question is posed often.  Should a book end with a cliffhanger? As an author, and someone who generally reads a great deal, I believe the answer is, yes, no, maybe so.  Wasn’t that helpful?  In all seriousness, I think it can be all of the above.  Let me... read more

First Book 2nd Edition Clarification

Recently it has come to my attention, as things have heated up with the series sales,  that the first and second editions of book one may be causing some confusion on Amazon when attempting to order.  Uncertain Destinies: Will the Circle Be Broken? was revised and... read more

The year was…

The year was 1996, March of 1996 to be exact.  The weather was cold, the night was black, and we group of friends left behind our video store job in search of something we all knew would be far better. That was the set up for what would become Uncertain Destinies as a... read more

An Evolution

The one question that comes up a lot from peope is, how many books are in the series?  To which my answer is five.  Which typically, if I can see their face, results in an eye roll and followed by a “no in the entire series”. Uncertain Destinies is a... read more