With the release of Uncertain Destinies, Transitions, the fun and games were over and the emotional darkness of Path of Vengeance would take center stage. 

With the release of the series fourth installment readers were instantly given a visual change.  The series jumped from having ten to sixteen episodes to thirty episodes, adding over two hundred pages of reading enjoyment.   But, once the volume commenced no one could deny the emotional angle which was playing out as a direct result of what had taken place at the end of the third book, Path of Vengeance.  And it could only be best described as dark.

It takes several episodes to fully resolve the final moments of Path of Vengeance, but during that time the characters you have come to love (those that survived, of course) are realizing the ramifications of what has truly taken place and just how it will change the rest of their lives moving forward.  

One man will seek the truth behind the devastating event that ripped their lives apart.  One woman will find comfort in the solace of a dangerous substance, and one man will learn to adjust to a world of complete darkness.  But, it will be the journey of one woman and the courageous fight of the man she loves that will capture your heart. 

“The fun and games were over and the emotional darkness of Path of Vengeance would take center stage

The series also introduces the smooth talking, money and power hungry vixen, Antonia Sinclair.  Antonia’s arrival will cause a new trouble to the group, their lives and business as she vows to have it all and make a name for herself.  A spoiled rich girl with ties to a family you all know not afraid to take any chance she has to to get what she desires most.

But, the true shock of the season will come as the book closes.  An episode that ends on one of the darkest notes in Uncertain Destinies history.  A violence so unexpected it once carried a reader discretion warning ahead of it.  This was always planned as a way to close out one man’s chapter in Transitions.  It was also a statement showing Uncertain Destinies was now taking chances and pushing the envelope.  Leaving readers to ask themselves “did he just do that?”  Yes, yes I did.  There was so much more to come.  So much ahead in the series.  A darkness had fallen to all those in the town of Stillwater, Minnesota.  A darkness that would pave the way to the series fifth installment.  The book that would set the stage for everything still yet to come.