Recently it has come to my attention, as things have heated up with the series sales,  that the first and second editions of book one may be causing some confusion on Amazon when attempting to order. 

Uncertain Destinies: Will the Circle Be Broken? was revised and edited, and then re-released in February, 2017.  This version added a Prologue to the series and enhanced/edited the core of the novel.  The story is the same, but some deeper dives were taken into certain scenes of the series. 

Readers who have read the first edition won’t have missed anything, other than some back story in the Prologue of the book which sets things up for the story to come.  

“There’s a fan base out there, and I love you all to pieces.”

The issue becomes, when trying to order, the first edition remains on Amazon, as NOT AVAILABLE, and this is causing people not to order.  I am working with Amazon to try and remove this first edition, but the title still remains from second hand sellers, and overseas sales channels.  So, it could be tricky and impossible. 

The solution: When ordering Will the Circle Be Broken? look for the pubslished date.  The 2nd edition was released in February, 2017.  AND, look at the title/cover.  There is a slight difference in the series title.  I posted the image here of the book as it exists in its 2nd edition as a reference and guide.

I certainly hope this helps to clear things up for everyone.  I cannot thank everyone who has read the series enough.  I am looking forward to the many reviews, the good, the bad and maybe the ugle.  I know Uncertain Destinies is not for everyone, but there’s a fan base out there, and I love you all to pieces.  Peace. 

Keep with it, I promise you with all that I am, the absolute BEST is still to come.