Family Ties

Back in late 1996 as Uncertain Destinies was moving along well with feedback, I knew it was time to expand beyond the initial concept.  Like any good series, what better way to keep things rolling than by adding new characters? Uncertain Destinies initial concept was... read more

What’s in a Name?

One question I have been asked a lot is related to the main character, Andrew Rivard’s, last name.  By now longtime fans of the series have noticed this character has the same last name as me, the author.  Which begs the question, why?... read more

Welcome to Stillwater, Minnesota

Welcome to Uncertain Destinies, and to Stillwater, Minnesota. Uncertain Destinies is a series that will take you on a journey with the main characters as they seek out their future.  As they make a necessary move into the world, a crime one of... read more