Betrayal. Manipulation. Revenge. Secrets.

Welcome to Stillwater, Minnesota. The year is 1996, seven young men and women are ready to embark into the world seeking a prosperous new beginning.

A violent act and a dark family secret hold other plans for them. The journey they are about to travel will take them anyplace other than where they had hoped to go.   

“They are fast paced, fast reads and there are a lot of twists and turns along the way to keep one reading until well after they should have put it down and gone to bed.”

“The characters are so relatable. I didn’t want the book to end because then my friendships with the characters would end as well. I can’t wait to start the next book now and see where all of this is going.”

The brain behind the pen

Colton Scott Rivard


Who is Colton Scott Rivard?

Colton Scott Rivard was born and raised in Minnesota. From a young age, he always had a passion for reading, writing and for the arts. Through the years these passions all manifested themselves in various ways but ultimately led him down the path of writing series fiction as a primary interest.

The situation which inspired a series.

Uncertain Destinies was born in 1996.  The series began as a way to commemorate a real-life group of friends heading out into the world after having worked together for several years. Their bond of friendship was strong and the decision in real life to part ways from working together had been great. After their final night working together, someone suggested a story be written, in jest, to capture some of the fun that had been had on that last night.

The first two books in the series are more lighthearted and capture their original presence. They are the building blocks of the series.  Through them, you will begin to identify with the characters, their lives, and motivations. The third book things will take a turn. The past will catch up to them. New faces will emerge that threaten their futures. The lives of the characters you will grow to love, and love to hate, will be forever altered, and the journey will never be the same.  Their road into the darkness, the unknown, will only just have begun.

The road ahead.

Colton Scott Rivard always took inspiration from primetime and daytime dramas, as well as utilizing local and global events to make connections to the audience. Uncertain Destinies follows a similar format to those daytime or primetime series. Through twists and turns, cliffhanger endings, the characters’ lives change, and evolve into a story that, as stated by those who have read it all, is truly unforgettable. 

Over time, it is the hope that the series will become popular enough that it can be released and shared in its entirety. The journey is great, but the passion Rivard has for writing fiction is strong. Escaping from real life for even one page has its rewards. With the ever-changing world as a guide, the possibilities are endless.

Sneak peek

into the series thus far

Will The Circle Be Broken?
(Vol. 1)
Desperate Measures
(Vol. 2)
Path of Vengeance
(Vol. 3)
(Vol. 4)
Eyes In The Dark
(Vol. 5)
Hell Hath No Fury
(Vol. 6)
A Road To New Beginnings
(Vol. 7)
Whispers In The Wind
(Vol. 8)
Yesterday’s Consequences
(Vol. 9)
The Dreams That We Stole
(Vol. 10)
Echoes From The Past
(Vol. 11)
Beware The Distant Sound Of Thunder
(Vol. 12)
The Things We Leave Behind
(Vol. 13)