The year was 1996, March of 1996 to be exact.  The weather was cold, the night was black, and we group of friends left behind our video store job in search of something we all knew would be far better.

That was the set up for what would become Uncertain Destinies as a series.  The late night shenanigans of our crew led us to much laughter, and a suggestion that I write it down.  Only elaborate, and dramatize the situation.

Uncertain Destinies was started in 1996.  So, when readers dive in they don’t necessarily expect payphones and computers that use a floppy drive, but that was the time.  

“The absolute BEST is still to come.”

The series continued to evolve with the times as they changed.  The world around me was always moving and changing, and thus the series, its locations, characters and social events did as well.   My focus was always to write with the times, keeping my finger on the pulse of what was going on.  As a reader you will see the evolution of the series.  There are many twists and turns, and changes along the way.  If you have read Uncertain Destinies, we’ve come through the fifth book now, and already we are so far from where it all began.  I can’t tell you how much more there is ahead, but I can tell you as the author of this fantastic series, the absolute BEST is still to come.  Moments that will take your breath away.  Situations that will leave you shocked and speechless.  And those moments where you will ask yourself, ‘did that really just happen?’