The one question that comes up a lot from peope is, how many books are in the series?  To which my answer is five.  Which typically, if I can see their face, results in an eye roll and followed by a “no in the entire series”.

Uncertain Destinies is a journey, and what I have always considered an evolution.  We’re into book five now, and have come so far from where we started.  The characters have evolved and changed, and so have the type of stories being told.  

“How many books are there in the Uncertain Destinies Series?”

Although I am not going to be the one that tells you how many books there will be when all is said and done, there will always be speculation and rumors.  And, some of them will be true.  I have had a handful of close friends who have read the entire series.  I trust them now to hold the secret, but what I know they would say is that Uncertain Destinies moves along and changes as time goes on.  The characters continue forward, also changing and adapting to the circumstances around them.  It’s fun to discuss with others where it all began, and where it all comes to an end.  The evolution of a great series I hope you will take a chance on, and follow.