Uncertain Destinies: Vol. 1

Will The Circle Be Broken?

The year is 1996 and in the small, quiet, town of Stillwater, Minnesota, life seemed to be something of an everyday occurrence.  For seven people it was also a time to find themselves and seek a prosperous new beginning.

On the eve of a life-changing event, one of them has gone and done the unthinkable, a violent act that is about to alter their future in the darkest of ways.


Uncertain Destinies: Vol. 2

Desperate Measures

A tangled web of madness and drama move at a rapid pace in Stillwater.  Behind what could be one man’s freedom lurks a powerful new threat unlike anything any of them has ever faced. Something that will change all their lives in the darkest of ways ever imagined.


Uncertain Destinies: Vol. 3

Path Of Vengeance

A secret exposed, lives placed in unthinkable danger. Together they are about to stand before their darkest hour.

As the madness changes everything around them a devastating event will shatter their security and make for the grand entrance of a woman so vile and hateful nothing in their lives will ever be the same again. The war between good and evil is waged…

Who will survive?


Uncertain Destinies: Vol. 4


In the blink of an eye, with the push of one tiny button, everything in their world came crashing down. Now as the smoke clears they will have to work harder than ever to rebuild their shattered existence. The heated words of the moment will send each of them in a new direction, and change the course of their journey forever.


Uncertain Destinies: Vol. 5

Eyes In The Dark

Through the darkness, their future is about to emerge. Deep within their broken souls, a battle has been waged. A dark battle with the demons from their past. While the events of their lives continue to unravel each will begin to look for the man who once held them all together who left in search of answers. Months later his silence begins to call into question his own safety. Why has he not made contact in so long? Is the man’s absence part of some larger, much more evil plot? The answer to all of those questions is out there, in the darkest of places.


Uncertain Destinies: Vol. 6

Hell Hath No Fury…

Off the coast of Florida, on an uncharted island, She awaits.


Greer Castillo returns seeking revenge for the events which took place two years ago. Fueled with hatred and rage, she sets the stage for the showdown of the series.