Back in late 1996 as Uncertain Destinies was moving along well with feedback, I knew it was time to expand beyond the initial concept.  Like any good series, what better way to keep things rolling than by adding new characters?

Uncertain Destinies initial concept was related to a group of friends, and their journey to find what we’ll call fame and fortune, but what they also symbolized was a family.  

“The core of Uncertain Destinies has always been about family.”

Family has always been important to me, so as the settings of the series expanded it was clear the main family also had to.  I took my extended family, and utilized them to create a canvas readers would hopefully be able to relate to on some level.  Thus, the Schiltgen family was expanded upon.  And, as previously noted, is the only other name not to be changed.

The core of Uncertain Destinies has always been about family.  Whether the core family or the group of friends considering one another family, the message throughout will also be the ties that bind us together.