Welcome back to Uncertain Destinies, and to Stillwater, Minnesota.

Uncertain Destinies has now officially relaunched the first book in the series Will the Circle Be Broken? after an extensive editing process. 

After gaining a great deal of momentum I decided after all this time it was a wise idea to get the books all professionally edited so it could be presented in the best possible form. It is always every author’s intention to showcase their best work, and knowing my ‘word blind’ eyes were all that had looked upon them for years, it was a necessity. 

With a great deal of time and care by all involved, the first book now returns in both paperback and eBook form on Amazon.  Utilize the Buy on Amazon button at the top of the page. 

Happy reading.  The journey is JUST beginning. And, stay tuned for book two...

“I am confident the best is truly still yet to come”