Welcome back to Stillwater, Minnesota.

Uncertain Destinies third book Path of Vengeance now rejoins the first two books in an all-new, fully edited version.  

Picking up right where Desperate Measures leaves you hanging, Path of Vengeance swiftly moves down a dark road changing everything you have come to know of the series.

A handful of new characters introduce an element of danger not present before while everyone’s favorite villainess, Lori, makes a deal with the devil himself. A twisted plot which could give her everything she has ever dreamed of, or take from her in ways she could never have imagined.

The darkest of family secrets are exposed making for the grand entrance of woman who will change all their lives in the darkest of ways ever imagined. 

Greed. Power. Hatred. Betrayal. And Death will leave them standing before their darkest hour.

“The further you read the faster the pages turn.”