Society as a whole has become a place where we can rely on instant gratification for all our needs. 

Information is at our fingertips. With the click of a few buttons, we can locate anything we need from our computers, our iPad, or even our phones which are attached to our fingers.

Statistics show if you don’t capture someone’s attention in twenty seconds on a website they will move on. Well, the same actually holds true for reading a novel. Where the statistic is not mere seconds it is two-three pages. Three pages?!

Have I lost you yet? Ok, just checking. Uncertain Destinies was written in 1996. Technology was just growing and I feel we had not yet crossed the threshold of instant gratification concepts of today. I also, still to this day, enjoy long drawn out movies and books, so it’s natural that there might be a bit of that in the opening sequences, or episodes, of this particular series. 

I’ve had the opportunity now to connect with people who have read Uncertain Destinies, and a couple of which stopped because it was slow to start, and there seemed to be a lot of characters they couldn’t keep up with. All of which is both good and bad to hear. However, on the plus side, those conversations all took place with individuals who are now anxiously awaiting book six. My point is after the first episodes of the series there’s a shift in the action… 

“This series has me turning the pages like mad! The characters, setting, plot…all of it” -Erica Casey

“Would highly recommend it for anyone interested in well laid out plots with plenty of twists and turns.” -Amazon Customer

but if we stop something prematurely we might miss what there is ahead because we didn’t have that instant gratification. I, of course, am guilty of this as well on many occasions.  Uncertain Destinies is an exciting evolution which goes far beyond the opening episodes of the series. It will be filled with twists and turns unlike any other, the characters (spoilers) will be thinned out and eventually, the tone will shift and you will ‘feel’ what the characters are feeling. I promise. I cannot tell you where it all goes (Well, I could but I won’t) but I will promise you this, (and this is for all the fans who are complete through book five as well) the very best of what Uncertain Destinies is, is still yet to come. 

I invite you now, personally, to click on the Buy on Amazon button at the top of this page and step into Stillwater, Minnesota. Take a breath. Sit back. Enjoy the moments in the first few episodes and prepare yourself for the twists and turns “the further you read the faster the pages turn.”